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Hurricane Athletics

Wilmington High School


Hurricane Athletics

Wilmington High School

Hurricane Athletics

Wilmington High School

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2 years ago @ 7:55AM

SCOL/Postseason Winter Athlete Recognition

Girls Basketball:  1st Team-Mya Jackson  2nd Team-Faith Sanderson

District 15 Top Underclassman:  Mya Jackson

Boys Basketball:  1st Team-Jarron Cumberland, Dylan Beaugard, Cameron Stewart 2nd Team-Chris Wolary

​District 15 All Star, District 15 Player of the Year, Division I All Ohio 1st Team, OHSBCA Division I Player of the Year:  Jarron Cumberland

District 15 Top Underclassman:  Dylan Beaugard

​Wrestling:  1st Team-Jacob Boldman

​District Qualifiers:  Cameron Smart, Bryant Bergefurd, RJ Tolliver, Wesley Lunsford, Gage Smith, Isaac Allen, Jacob Boldman,

Girls Bowling:   2nd Team and District Qualifier-Katie Hottinger 

Boys Bowling:  1st Team-Sawyer Kratzer and Ryan Hottinger 

Girls Swimming:  1st Team-(200 Medley Relay)Alyssa Lewis, Morgan Bahr, Alison Dooley, and Brianna Gilbert, (200 IM)Alison Dooley, (50 Freestyle)Alyssa Lewis, (100 Butterfly)Morgan Bahr, (100 Freestyle)Alyssa Lewis, (200 Freestyle Relay)Olivia Lewis, Anna Garnai, Rachael Billups, Brianna Gilbert, (400 Freestyle Relay)Alison Dooley, Olivia Lewis, Morgan Bahr, Alyssa Lewis     2nd Team-(200 Freestyle)Brianna Gilbert, (200 IM)Maddy Adkins, (100 Butterfly)Rachael Billups, (400 Freestyle)Morgan Bahr, (100 Backstroke)Olivia Lewis, (100 Breaststroke)Alison Dooley

District Qualifiers: Morgan Bahr, Alison Dooley, Brianna Gilbert, Alyssa Lewis, Olivia Lewis

Boys Swimming:  1st Team-(200 Medley Relay)Austin Carey, Harrison Law, Ricky Dungan, Sam Osborn, (200 Freestyle)Austin Carey, (200 IM)Ricky Dungan, (400 Freestyle)Ricky Dungan, (100 Breaststroke)Austin Carey, (400 Freestyle Relay)Austin Carey, Sam Osborn, Harrison Law, Ricky Dungan     2nd Team-(50 Freestyle)Sam Osborn, (100 Butterfly)Harrison Law, (100 Freestyle)Sam Osborn, (100 Backstroke)Harrison Law

District Qualifiers:  Austin Carey, Ricky Dungan, Sam Osborn, Harrison Law


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